Killer race

You are going on a trip with Sevastopol sailors Dmytro Nechitailo and Petr Lomov to a great adventure "Killer Race" – that is the basis of the film's plot by Ramil Bikmukhametov.

Sky scrubbers

Children will love a new cartoon “Sky scrubbers” by Ramil Bikmukhametov. Following the advice of Gromozeka, you‘ll start an exciting journey through the world of toys. Techno-trees and space islands sweep past you at an insane pace.

Dragon Island

Characters of the world-famous book  “The Lost World”by Arthur Conan Doyle are back to screen in 5D story that will take you to the most sinister and mysterious place in the universe – the Dragon Island.

Snowy slopes

Have you ever travelled on a roof of a children’s railway? Have you ever dreamed about that?  The movie “Snowy slopes” will help your dreams come true! 5D movies give you quite an interesting feeling – kind of experiment with yourself.  Suddenly you realize that you can easily pass under a chair on the roof of a toy railway car.

Sky curves

Exciting race on a cable road is the main point of the movie. While watching, you get a variety of emotions that will haunt you for several days. Detonating mixture of horror and delight makes many people scream during the session. Extraterrestrial species are reaching you with their tentacles, fabulous landscapes are so real that you are completely immersed in the film and experience the effect of participation.

Space races

The plot of this movie is focused on the distant future. Somewhere on the outskirts of the Universe, far away from the home planet, there is a space station. Its inhabitants mainly entertain themselves by racing in free-flying modules. 5D allows to recreate realistic landscapes of the distance spaces.

Lost mine

The lost mine is a mysterious and gloomy place, which, nevertheless, has inexplicable attraction. In this movie you will travel along the old gold mine. Riding in a truck at high speed is a breathtaking event itself and given that your path is illuminated only by crystals and lava streams, the sense of danger enhances rapidly. During the trip you will get acquainted with the cave dwellers who have lost their human nature in the pursuit of gold.

Pharaoh’s tomb

Egypt is an ancient and mysterious country.  The birthplace of pyramids and sphinxes traditionally attracts travelers from all over the world. Watching "Tomb of the Pharaoh" in 5D will allow you to plunge into the world of dangerous adventures. During this cinema trip you’ll get acquainted with a wide variety of inhabitants of the pyramids and meet mummies, crocodiles and other creatures of ancient Egyptian myths.