Snowy slopes

Have you ever travelled on a roof of a children’s railway? Have you ever dreamed about that?  The movie “Snowy slopes” will help your dreams come true! 5D movies give you quite an interesting feeling – kind of experiment with yourself.  Suddenly you realize that you can easily pass under a chair on the roof of a toy railway car.

The main part of the film plot is a down-run along a snowy slope. Quite realistic landscapes alternate with fabulous almost fairy-tale pictures that give extra thrill. 5D equipment allows to experience the speed of descent in its full.

A fall in the lake is not going to be the sad dramatic end. This is the beginning of a new journey into the underwater world. Besides, viewers will have an opportunity to visit the village inhabited by fabulous dwarves and see an alien craft crash. The film is packed with various special effects that combined with dynamic music guarantee an adrenaline rise even of the calmest spectator.

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